Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are a lot of different changes that go through in the body of women. In the majority of the cases the pregnancy hormones are to blame for these.

If you are interested in vaginal changes during pregnancy you should know about the hormone hCG. This is released starting with the moment of implantation.

Vaginal Changes During Pregnancy

This hormone gets into the bloodstream and it is used to confirm a pregnancy. In the same time this hormone is to blame for the two most annoying symptoms of pregnancy: nausea and vomiting.

Hormones and pregnancy

Naturally there are some other hormones as well that we have to consider, such as estrogen. This makes the mucus glands of the cervix work harder and so there is an increase of the volume of the vaginal discharge. Progesterone is another hormone that has a role to play in the vaginal changes while being pregnant.

In the same time this hormone makes women take quicker and deeper breaths. This is the result of the fact that it makes the brain reduce the carbon monoxide levels of the blood. The same pregnancy hormones can also lead to dizziness, fatigue and problems with concentration.

Pregnancy stages

The vaginal changes that can be seen at the early stages of pregnancy are caused by the increased amount of cervical secretions and by the increased blood flow to the pelvic region. Although a lot of women are worried because of these changes, you should know that it is something entirely normal.

It’s not only the early stages when you see changes, but also as the due date draws nearer. In this period you can see an increase of vaginal discharge again. These pregnancy vaginal changes are caused by the fact that the mucus plug of the cervix is expelled in the form of a mucus blob or thick discharge.


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