Possible Risks And Complications Involved In Cesarean Delivery!

Usually cesarean delivery happens with an incision in the abdominal wall and uterus rather than through the vagina.

It is essential to know and understand about the risks before a cesarean delivery.

Possible risks and complications with cesarean:

Most of the risks discussed here are associated with any kind of abdominal surgery.

Injury to your organs: There is potential injury to your organs like bowel or bladder.

Extensive recovery time: You need several weeks to months in order to recover after having the cesarean delivery. This will greatly impact on relationship with your child.

Infections: At the incision place, there is a chance to occur infection. Sometimes, uterus and other pelvic organs like bladder are also affected with infection.

Adhesions: There is a possibility for scar tissues. They can develop from inside the pelvic areas which cause blockage and pain. Also, sometimes it can lead to future pregnancy complications like placenta abruption or placenta previa.Cesarean delivery

Hemorrhage or large amount of blood loss: Cesarean delivery leads to more blood loss when compared to vaginal delivery. Sometimes, this can also lead to blood transfusion or anemia.

Negative consequences of medications: Some of you can experience negative consequences due to anesthesia which is given during the cesarean delivery. Pain medications which you take after the procedure can also lead to some side effects.

Risks of other surgeries: There is possibility for bladder repair, hysterectomy or another cesarean section.

Greater maternal mortality: Cesarean section has greater maternal mortality rate when compared to vaginal birth.

Emotional reactions: Some people who had cesarean delivery, reported negative feelings about the birth experience and also had difficulty of initial attachment with their baby.

Possible risks and complications for your baby:

Breathing problems:

Cesarean delivery leads to more breathing problems and respiratory difficulties in your baby. Some studies show that there is greater need for support with breathing and immediate care after the cesarean delivery when compared to the vaginal delivery.

Fetal injury:

In very rare conditions, your baby may be notched or cut at the time of incision.

Premature birth:

If there is any mistake in the calculation of gestational age, the baby is delivered by cesarean section too early and with low birth weight.

Low APGAR scores:

Anesthesia can lead to low APGAR score. Lack of stimulation during the delivery or fetal distress before the delivery also lead to low APGAR score. Babies born with cesarean delivery have 50% more chances to contain low APGAR score when compared to the babies born vaginally.

So, before going to give birth to your baby through cesarean delivery, it is better to consult your doctor to know about the risks and complications associated with cesarean delivery.


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