How To Identify Signs Of Emotional Dystocia During Labor?

If you are experiencing extreme emotional stress during labor, you may be suffering from emotional dystocia.

When you experience extreme stress during your delivery, the catecholamines in your body tend to rise to higher level.

This excessive level of catecholamines will reduce the circulation of the placenta and uterus, which can lead to ineffective contractions.

If these ineffective contractions become consistent during labor, your doctor may recommend an induction which necessarily raises your chances of C-section.

To avoid the chances of C-section, try to identify the signs of emotional dystocia and prevent them as early as possible.

Signs of emotional dystocia

  1. If you are showing any signs of fear and anxiety during labor, it could very well be a symptom of emotional dystocia.
  2. A mother who is fearful during delivery or uses common words like scared, panic, and losing control may also be experiencing emotional dystocia.
  3. If a pregnant woman behaves out of control during contractions and starts doing things like screaming, throwing things, not responding to questions or suggestions, it is pretty certain that she is under extreme emotional stress.

If you do feel this way during labor, try to convey your feelings to a concerned doctor or person who lives near you and get necessary help to avoid complications during labor.



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