How To Prevent Abnormal Bleeding While You Are Pregnant?

When you found out that you were pregnant, it was probably a very happy time for you.

You may have been waiting for a long time to get a positive result on a pregnancy test.

Now that you are pregnant you will need to take extra precautions when it comes to your health.

One concern that some pregnant women have to worry about is vaginal bleeding.

Vaginal bleeding is something that you will not want to see, when you are pregnant.

Although vaginal bleeding can be dangerous while you are pregnant, it is not uncommon during the first trimester.pregnancy issues

Considered Abnormal

If you are bleeding during your last six months of pregnancy, you are having abnormal bleeding. Bleeding can range from barely spotting, to passing blood clots.

Even if you are only spotting a little, this is still considered abnormal. If you are bleeding past twenty eighth weeks of pregnancy[28 weeks pregnant], your physician will consider it as an emergency. This type of bleeding could come with abdominal pain.

Safety Tips

Pregnant women should always wear their seat belt when traveling in an automobile. Chances of causing trauma to your abdomen that may start abdominal bleeding can be avoided with the use of your seat belt.

You should also be very careful around small children who are playing. Children get busy playing, and they are too young to realize if they run and jump on Mommy’s abdomen while she is pregnant, that it could cause some trauma which could lead to bleeding.

The same thing goes if you have a large size dog. Your dog will want to play, and may become rambunctious. Animals do not understand that you are pregnant, and they need to be careful around your abdomen.

Make sure that your huge dog does not jump up on you too hard so as to hurt your abdomen in any way. Another thing you will need to avoid is sharp corners on furniture.

If you were to accidentally fall into a sharp corner, that hits your abdomen in the wrong spot, you could possibly cause some trauma to your abdomen. Being very careful about all these things is a good idea when you are pregnant.

Staying Healthy to Prevent Bleeding

You will want to keep your body as healthy as possible while you are pregnant. Do not smoke if you are pregnant, and if you already smoke try to quit or reduce how many cigarettes you do smoke in a day.

Drugs of any kind should be checked out with your physician before you consume them. Certain drugs could have an ill affect on your unborn baby.

You will not want to drink alcohol during your pregnancy. This is not good for your baby and it is not good for your health either.

All of these things depending upon your bodies make up could cause you to have a miscarriage. A miscarriage starts with abdominal bleeding. You should always consult your physician if you see any type of bleeding while you are pregnant and let them determine what is happening with your body.

Following these simple tips should help you to prevent abnormal bleeding, while you are pregnant.


  1. my name is jamella and this is the first time that i am pregnant. i am about to be 20 this month and i have many concerns about my babie especially the one where i really wonder if bending over will put you at risk of having a miscarrige. but reading this information puts my mind at ease.


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