Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

A kidney infection could become something very serious especially during pregnancy. In this period women are more susceptible to infections and the baby is at risk as well.

In case the kidney infection during pregnancy isn’t treated, it could result in kidney failure and it could also cause death. The good news is that the first signs of the problem appear quite fast.

Kidney Infection During Pregnancy

These include pain, fever, vomiting, chills, pain during urination, urge to urinate, and blood in the urine.

Back pain

It is common for pregnant women to suffer from back pain because the ligaments have to stretch to make more room for the baby. This pain could feel very severe sometimes.

Nonetheless it shouldn’t be mistaken for the back pain that is caused by kidney infection while being pregnant. In this case the pain appears around the waist. It consists of short bursts or stabbing pain that could stop you from performing your regular activities.

If you are affected by round ligament pain you should feel a throbbing pain that is something like a pulled muscle so this pain cannot be mistaken for kidney pain during pregnancy.

Other symptoms

It is a known fact that pregnant women are often affected by urinary tract infections or yeast infections, resulting in discomfort when urinating. Although these problems are quite bothersome, the symptoms of pregnancy kidney infection are usually worse because they include severe discomfort or pain.

Another symptom that pregnant women could experience is exhaustion. Almost all women experience this. The symptom is most common during the first and last trimester.

Kidney infection could also cause sudden exhaustion that is severe enough to stop you from performing your daily activities. In many cases the affected women also observe fever.

As you can see in some cases the symptoms of pregnancy hide an underlying kidney infection since they might cause frequent urination and back pain too.


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