Round Ligament Pain – The Pain Due To Stretching Of Ligaments Supporting The Uterus

Do you have severe abdominal pain? During pregnancy, most of you suffer from abdominal pain.

Most often, it is due to round ligament pain. Round ligament pain is due to various bodily changes that takes place during your pregnancy.

Generally, the pain is referred to as a brief, sharp, stabbing pain or a long lasting dull pain that most of the pregnant women experience in the lower abdomen.

Usually, this condition starts in the second pregnancy trimester.

If you suddenly change the position, you will experience the round ligament pain as a short stabbing sensation.

For example, suddenly getting up from the bed, from the chair, when rolling over in your bed, whenever you cough, or when you get out of the bath tub, you will experience this pain.

Usually, your uterus is surrounded by round ligaments in the pelvis. When the uterus starts growing in your pregnancy, these ligaments get stretched and thickened to hold and support the uterus.
round ligament pain

Occasionally, these changes can cause the pain on or both sides of your abdomen, but most commonly the pain occurs on the right side of your pelvis.

The main cause behind round ligament pain include:

Generally, the round ligaments give support to your uterus and stretches during the pregnancy. They attach to the front section of the uterus to the groin. Round ligaments have the tendency to contract and relax like the muscles, but the functioning is very slow.

If you make any movements like changing the position quickly, coughing or laughing, then the ligaments become stretched, making them to contract very quickly. This can cause you to experience the pain, but the pain only exists for a few seconds.

Reducing the round ligament pain:

  • The best way to come out of this pain is taking enough rest.
  • Change the positions slowly so that the ligaments stretch gradually and help to alleviate from pain.
  • If you know that you are going to sneeze, cough or laugh, then slowly bend and flex your hips. This can greatly reduce the pull on these ligaments.
  • Practicing stretching exercises daily can also help you to come out from the severe round ligament pain. Most common form of stretching exercise that helps with round ligament pain is performed by keeping your hands and knees on the floor, lowering the head to the floor and by placing the bottom in the air.
  • Apply heat to the area to relieve from the pain. A warm bath will also give you some relief.
  • Lie on the opposite side to alleviate the pain. Lie on your left side by keeping a pregnancy pillow under your belly for proper support and place another one in between the legs.
  • Flex your knees towards the abdomen so that you will get some relief.

With the progression of your pregnancy, the pain decreases. If the pain exists more than few minutes, then immediately you need to contact your doctor for proper treatment.

Also, inform your doctor whether the pain is accompanied by any bleeding, fever, cramping, chills, vomiting, vaginal discharge or nausea so that he/she can give proper treatment for your condition.


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