7 Things that can Hurt During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is surely a magical time when a woman gets to experience many things which make her feel blissful and happy. But at the same time, pregnancy can come along with its share of aches and pains which might show you the other side of the picture. There are many body parts and things that can truly hurt during pregnancy and the following is a list of the 7 most common ones:

things that can hurt during pregnancyYour Back

As your belly grows, it can pull you intro a swayback position or posture where the lower back is pulled forward. This makes for a perfect recipe for back pain. Some other reasons for backache during pregnancy are loosened ligaments and loosened joints. To find relief, you must constantly check your posture and keep your back straight.

Your Feelings

Another thing that can hurt during pregnancy is your feelings. Hormones are always on the brim during pregnancy and these can make you feel emotional all the time. Make sure you check your diet as the foods you eat can trigger mood swings.

Your Feet

Your feet may hurt a lot and on many occasions during the pregnancy. The weight of the entire body is on your feet and this may lead to feet ache. The feet can widen and swell many times during pregnancy and this too may be a contributing factor. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear and try shoes that are loose and not tight.

Your Breasts

Breasts tend to grow in size or swell during pregnancy and this may lead to breast pain. Moreover, due to change in hormonal levels, breasts may ache as they start to produce colostrum. Make sure you wear only comfortable bras after measuring your new breast size.

Your Stomach

Acid reflux is a common problem during pregnancy and this may lead to stomach ache. Moreover, as the baby begins to exert pressure on your internalorgans, the stomach might hurt and cause a lot of discomfort. To avoid this, try using chewable antacids to curb the acid reflux or get enough physical activity to avoid the gas to build in.

Your Throat

The immune system of a pregnant woman is generally not as effective as it used to be and this may lead to catching of constant colds or sore throats. Thus another thing which might hurt during pregnancy is your throat. To fend of the germs, you must get plenty of rest, wash your hands regularly and eat a proper prenatal diet.

Your Head

If you constantly feel pain in your head, then you must know that it is completely natural for pregnant females to feel headaches. Pregnancy hormones can be very cruel and the changing levels may lead to the pain. Moreover, if you are a coffee lover, then the headache may be due to caffeine withdrawal. To find relief, you can contact your doctor for pain relieving medicines or try out other non-medicatedmethods like scalp massages, relaxation exercises and ice.


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