Pregnancy Glucose Test Side Effects

The women thinking about the pregnancy glucose test side effects should know that Pregnancy Glucose Test Side Effectsthis test is said to be safe for pregnant women. However each person reacts differently which means that while the majority of women have no problems doing the test, it could turn out to be an unpleasant experience for you.


For sure you know that during the glucose test, you will have to have a sugary drink. Getting so much sugar in your system in such a short period of time can make you feel nauseous. This is usually the case of women who also experience morning sickness.


One of the possible negative effects of pregnancy glucose test is vomiting. This doesn’t mean that you have to start the test all over: if the drink was down long enough, you can go on with it. If not, you will have to return some other time and do the test again.

Usually women have to hold the drink down for an hour and a half. The bad news is that even if you can go on with the test, you could feel sick for a longer period of time.


This one of the pregnancy glucose test side effects is caused by the large amount of sugar and the lack of water. The pain is usually felt in the front of the head and it is quite severe. Once you are done with the test you should drink as much as you can, because it helps with the headache.


It is normal to feel tired after the test since it is one of the pregnancy glucose test negative effects. Your body is already working overtime to maintain the growth of the baby and you make it work even more, because of the test. It is best to take a nap after you are done with the test.

Achy body

Even if you take a nap, as some of the pregnancy glucose test side effects, you may feel like all of your body aches. This is caused by dehydration and by the sugar. Again it is important to stay well-hydrated to make up for the lack of water.


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