There are admittedly many risks attached to the delivery of a baby by Cesarean Section, and proponents of natural or vaginal delivery do tend to highlight those at all given opportunities; however there are many benefits to a C section delivery as well, which are important to be aware of so that a woman can make an informed decision about an elective C Section if she so wishes:

Safety: Yes a cesarean birth is a major abdominal surgery and it involves all the risks associated with that, however medical science is now so advanced as to lower the risk so significantly that women can consider elective C Section birth.labor pains

C sections are now much safer than they used to be, and with them becoming more routine, surgeons are more skilled at this than ever before.

No Labor pain: Labor pains can be a very real downside to a vaginal delivery. Since labor pains can extend over a long period of time, it can be a harrowingly difficult and painful time for a woman.

There is of course the pain of an abdominal surgery to overcome, but after the first few days the pain is very manageable in most cases. Remember even in a vaginal delivery there is usually an episiotomy performed so there are those stitches to deal with.

In any case proponents of a C section will tell you that with this form of delivery you know the amount and duration of pain, whereas with a vaginal delivery you don’t know how long and severe your labor will be.

You can be conscious throughout and not have to suffer any pain of delivery. Post delivery issues like hemorrhoids etc are also not an issue with a C section.

Dignity and Privacy: A vaginal delivery is not the most private of things, with doctors and nurses milling around to check how dilated you are, and you being in a less than flattering position for any number of hours. A C section is over in a matter of some minutes.

No trauma for the child: Coming through the birth canal is quite an arduous process for a baby, who often comes out with an elongated or slightly misshapen head. In a C section the child is simply lifted out and has to undergo none of the rigors of a vaginal delivery. This is something to be considered too.

You can schedule the delivery: Proponents of natural childbirth generally are of the view that it is a process that should happen in due course rather than something you schedule, but this has to be a personal choice that a woman should be permitted to make without having to deal with guilt.

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Note: The purport of this post is to offer another angle to the Cesarean Section delivery. There is a lot of material out there on the internet, that can scare a woman into eschewing the option of a C Section and also make her feel guilty about opting for something that should rightly be a choice available to her without complications of fear and guilt.

This was not meant to be a learned piece filled with scientific and medical data, merely an anecdotal piece written by one of our writers who has undergone two C section deliveries and who wanted to highlight her positive experiences with the procedure.

This piece is in no way meant to belittle or in any way try to disparage the primacy and value of a natural vaginal delivery; merely to present a point of view that is not commonly expressed and which we feel that women have the right to hear as well.

Since this post has also invited a plethora of negative comments we shall also be replying to all of these comments to try and to give factual and medical citations to support the claims that the author of this article has made.