Everything you Need to Know about Maternity Acupressure

Maternity acupressure or labor acupressure is a safe way to induce child birth naturally and is a method in which light physical pressure is applied to labor acupressure points by fingers, thumbs, hands, elbows and with some other devices on the surface of the body of the pregnant women.  If you wish to know more about this technique, its benefits and the method to do it, you can go through the following given information.

know about maternity acupressure

Benefits of Maternity Acupressure

  • This form of acupressure is really helpful for the baby since it helps him/her to take the optimal position for birth and helps to get it to engage in the pelvis of the mother.
  • Acupressure is also helpful for the body of the mother in every way since it helps to proceed with labor induction and helps the cervix to dilate. It descends the baby and begins the contractions as well.
  • Besides induction of labor, maternity acupressure can also control pain management during the process of labor.
  • This practice induces labor without posing any risk to the mother or the baby and is the most natural method of child birth. Knowing the maternity acupressure points and the relaxation points can prevent distressing the baby and leads to a safer and shorter labor.  It prevents medical interventions and can improve the birthing experience for the mother.
  • It also thus helps to avoid costs of medical intervention like medical induction, analgesics and even C section etc.

How is Maternity Acupressure Done?

  • The practitioner places his/her thumbs on the maternity acupressure points and the balls of the thumbs are used instead of the tips. He/she then places his/her weight over them. In this case, the correct points tend to be and feel more sensitive than the points surrounding them.
  • The pressure which is applied is increased steadily and also evenly over the maternity acupressure points as the mother breathes out. The pressure is then sustained while the mother holds her breath for about 3 to 7 seconds. The pressure is only released as the mother breathes out.  Then the practitioner moves onto the next points one by one.
  • For body parts which are large such as the buttocks or shoulders, the practitioner may use the elbow instead of fingers or thumbs.

Where are the Maternity Acupressure Points Located?

  • The maternity acupressure points are located all over the body but it is important to get them right as pressing the wrong points can cause premature labor.
  • One of the points lies on the web of the skin between the thumb and the index finger.
  • There is one between the acromium process.
  • Another set of acupressure points for maternity lie at the point on the outer edge of the nail of the small toe at the base of the nail.
  • There is one in the groove behind the shin bone as well.
  • Another set of points is the bladder points set on either side of the spine.


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