Know about Prodormal Labour

Prodormal Labour is also called ‘false labour’ and these are the early symptoms of the actual labour pains for the delivery. You can say that these are the body’s mock drill before the actual labour pains. Prodormal labour pain starts similarly as the final labour pains but does not end with the delivery of the baby.

These pains are not felt by every omen although these do occur before the final labour pain. The pain symbolizes multiple changes that the body undergoes to gear up for the final labour to deliver the baby. Below given are a few things to understand Prodormal labour pain well.

know about prodormal labour

Why do Prodormal Labour Pain Occur

Many birth professionals feel that the Prodormal labour pains are the body’s corrective measures to bring the baby to a correct position inside the womb for the delivery. Sometimes the baby may not be in the anterior position suitable for a normal delivery. The body therefore triggers the false labour pains so that the baby turns to a more optimal or anterior position. These pains cease after sometime just to give a halt so as not to exhaust you to try doing the same thing again later.

How Long do Prodormal Pains Last

The Prodormal pains may last for a few hours to more than a day. As these pains are supposed to be the pre preparatory measures before the final labour pains, the body stops this pain to take rest and starts again to complete the corrective measure.

Positive Points

The good point with Prodormal labour pain is that when the woman who has undergone Prodormal labour pain finally goes for child birth, it goes quickly with fewer problems. Prodormal labour pain is therefore good because it prepares the woman mentally and physically to undergo the massive pain and the process of birth easily.

How to Ease Yourself

By the end of nine months you might be having some discomfort with the weight you are carrying, and pain at this stage is quite stressful. So you can invite outside help in the form of a midwife, partner, a doula, a chiropractor who may be experienced in this field to get some ease. You should also avoid stopping yourself from crying if you feel like. This also helps the body to ease.

Learn to Survive the Pain

Prodormal labour pain can be more taxing than the final labour pain. Therefore it is intelligent to be mentally prepared to bear the pain happily. You can check with your doctor about the stage in which you are. If there is quite a lot of time left to get a cervical dilation for the arrival of the baby, you should relax, sleep and let yourself undergo all the daily routines you follow.

Thus, being prepared to bear the prodormal labour pains and survive through it without getting discouraged and exhausted can help you to feel relaxed and be happier at the end of the final labour pain when you see your baby.


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