The Right Information Will Help You To Avoid A Cesarean Section

Cesarean sections are not always the best option when you are trying to deliver your baby.

Many Cesarean sections are not necessary but are still performed every day.

A Cesarean section is considered major surgery and you may suffer complications due to one.

You always have the risk of infection with any major surgery. Excessive bleeding can also be a problem.

You will go through more pain with a Cesarean section than with a normal birth. Even your baby can suffer adverse effects if you have a Cesarean section.c section

Inducing Your Labor

You should avoid having your labor induced as much as possible. A lot of physicians want to induce labor especially if it is your first child.

Inducing your labor only makes your labor pains twice as painful and when the baby cannot be delivered your physician will want you to have a Cesarean section.

The reason for this is that your cervix may not be fully ready to help you have your baby and inducing you early will only be in vain. You should only let your physician induce labor early if they think that you or your baby’s health is in danger.

It is best to let your body be the judge when it is time for you to deliver. Giving birth is a natural thing and your body is set up to show you when your time to deliver has come.

Stay at Home for As Long As You Can

If you are a first time mother then you probably are really anxious about giving birth. When you come to the end of your third trimester and it is almost time for you to go to the hospital it is easy to get impatient.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to try to be patient and stay at home as long as possible when you start to go into labor. You should wait until your contractions become really close together before you go to the hospital.

It would be a good idea for you to get comfortable and try some relaxation breathing techniques.

You do not want to go to the hospital any sooner than necessary because you do not want to have your labor induced nor have your medical providers do anything that might slow your labor down. If you stay at home as long as you can then you will be helping to avoid an unnecessary Cesarean section.

Stay Informed

It is your body and your baby and you have the right to ask as many questions as you deem necessary. Make sure that you have a reputable physician who specializes in obstetrics.

If your physician suggests inducing your labor or having a scheduled Cesarean section you will want to get all the information that you can get. Having the right information will empower you to make the right decisions for you and your baby.

Delivering your baby vaginally is the best way if at all possible. Some Cesarean sections are needed though to save a mother’s life or her child’s life. You and your physician should decide together what is best for you.


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