7 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women are meant to receive positive remarks and good wishes for healthy pregnancy tenure and a healthy baby. However, they also sometimes find themselves on the receiving end of unflattering zingers. You might have not made a rude comment intentionally.

However, any comment can seem to be inappropriate and insensitive to a woman who is undergoing a lot of changes both physically and mentally due to her hormones. Here are 7 things that you need to keep in mind and not say to a pregnant woman:

things never to say to a pregnant woman

1. Was it Planned?

This can be an obnoxious query to a pregnant mother, especially if she conceived being unmarried, too early after marriage or too late post marriage. Thus, the question itself is absurd.  What matters is that she has a life inside her and when she is telling you this means she wants to share her happiness and excitement with you. She would not like to be interrogated and thus saying ‘congratulations’ is enough.

2. Wow, you look so big!

Well…it is quite obvious that being pregnant means a putting on a little weight and there is no need to reminding the to-be mother of that. The same holds true for telling her that her belly looks small. This might freak the mother out and the mother would start searching the World Wide Web to find out if her baby is okay.

3. Can I Feel your Baby?

This is a common question that many people ask. They want to touch the belly to feel the baby inside. However, many women are not comfortable with this idea and so it is better if you do not ask her. If she wants you to feel her baby move, she would tell you that herself.

4. Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Freedom

Being pregnant is exciting and the news surely brings in a lot of happiness for the entire family and mostly for the mother. This is the last thing that any expecting mom would be like to hear and so refrain from saying all these. No negative comments regarding child rearing should also be made.

5. What Would Happen to Work after the Baby Comes Out?

This is a very personal question and though it is okay to ask this, but make sure that you ask with an open mind. A woman who goes to work after her child’s delivery is not selfish and rearing a child can be expensive and all mothers would want to give their child the best.

6. Is it a Boy or Girl?

Most people assume that expectant mothers are not satisfied with what they already have. If they already have a boy, they would want a girl and vice versa. However, things are not like that always. Most mothers always hope for a healthy baby no matter what the gender is.

7. I do not Think that you can Eat that?

You are not the doctor and all mothers know what is right during her pregnancy days. Let her eat whatever she wants and let her enjoy.

These are many such other things that should not be asked. Keep a tab on what you are speaking and how sensitive it can be. Pay attention of what would make her happy instead of getting her into a panic stage.


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