10 Ideas to Dress Up for a Wedding When Pregnant

Who said pregnant women couldn’t have their fun when it came to getting dressed for a wedding? Well it is true that dressing must have been a lot of fun when you weren’t expecting but it can be as much exciting even with that baby bump. There is a whole gamut of dresses that you can put on and attend a wedding with confidence. These dresses will neither totally conceal the bump nor will make you uncomfortable in any which way. The following is a list of the 10 ideas to dress up for a wedding when pregnant:

ideas to dress up for a wedding when pregnant1. Color block dress-if you are going to an outdoor, casual wedding, then you can go for a color block dress which is not just very comfortable but also quite flirty. Choose nice bright colors for the dress and see heads turn!

2. Day to night dress-another good idea for a dress if you wish to wear it to a wedding is to go for a day to night dress. Choose a vibrant color such as a blue and opt for something formal that doesn’t put the attention on your bump. The day to night dress is ideal if you are going to be out all day.

3. Classic lace dress-anything classic never goes out of fashion and if it has lace in it, it can work well for the pregnant you. This dress will not just look very sophisticated but also simple in an elegant way. It is just the perfect choice to wear to a wedding.

4. Curve hugging maxi dress-if you are someone who doesn’t mind showing off the curves and the belly then you can go for a curve hugging maxi dress. Try picking up a soft silky material in a good deep tone such as a silvery gray. If you wish, you can accessorize it with a blingy neckpiece of bracelet.

5. One shoulder goddess dress-another great idea for a wedding dress is a one shoulder goddess dress. This will highlight your neck and take the attention away from your belly. Make sure it has a loose silhouette so that you can wear it throughout the day comfortably.

6. Super soft jersey dress-you can wear such a dress either without straps or with. It’s a lightweight and flowy dress which lets you stay comfortable through the entire wedding.

7. The perfect little black dress-how can this dress not be on this list. Well, no matter how pregnant you are, the LBD can still work wonders at a wedding and make you look stylish and special.

8. Beaded dress-you can also try a dress which is beaded on the neckline so that the entire attention of the onlooker goes on your neck rather than on your belly.

9. Graphic dress-choosing a graphic print can help you hide your bump nicely and is a good and stylish choice for a wedding.

10. Ruched maxi dress-this is a nice gown for a wedding which is very formal and flatters your body well.

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