Making Those Days When You Are Pregnant And Overdue Count

Although being pregnant only lasts nine months, you may feel like it has lasted an eternity for you.

You can count back to the point of conception and you are sure your baby should have made an appearance before now.

If it helps at all, you can take comfort in knowing you are not the only pregnant woman who has felt this way.

It is common for first time pregnancies to be overdue, but you can still be overdue when it is not your first baby.

Your physician will closely monitor you, and if they think you and your baby are ready, they may suggest that you have your induced labor.pregnancy

Preparing for the Baby

Try to think of this extra time that you are overdue as time to help you further prepare for your baby. You will have time to double check all of your baby equipment, and clothing, and see if there is anything that you forgot.

Make sure you have everything packed that you and your baby will need in the hospital, and for the trip home. If you do not have anything comfortable to wear home from the hospital then take this time to go shopping for you an outfit.

Something else you may want to do is to cook freezer meals. These will help your family when you are in the hospital, and they will also help you to be able to relax more when you come home with your new baby.

Relaxation Time

The birth of your new baby will keep you very busy, for a very long time, and you may have trouble finding time for yourself. Your little one will be here soon, and you will up at night for those two o’clock feedings, so take advantage of the time that you are overdue.

Try to get more rest during these last few days, or weeks, and sleep in as much as possible. You may want to use this extra time as “me” time before the baby is born.

Do something special just for yourself. Bubble baths and relaxation music are also great tools that you can use during this time to relieve the stress that you feel about being overdue. [Stress during pregnancy]

Learn a New Craft

Pick up those crochet hooks or knitting needles, that you have not had time for, in a long time. Make some baby booties or a small baby blanket. If quilting is your thing then try out a new pattern for a baby quilt.

You may want to do some scrap booking of pictures that you have of everybody in your family. When your baby gets a little older you will be able to show them the scrapbook you made while pregnant with them.

You could even make a scrapbook for your new baby that will soon arrive. These crafts will help to keep your mind off of being overdue and it will reduce your stress without you even trying.

Try some of these tips and the time will start to go by more quickly, before you know it your bundle of joy will be born.


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