Planning Pregnancy? Necessary Precautions Before And During Your Pregnancy!

Planning pregnancy ensures that your baby is getting a healthy environment and also prevents birth defects and other related problems.

In order to have proper planning pregnancy, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid things that can damage the growth of the baby.

Selecting a clinician who is specialized in pregnancy health and deliveries is most essential when you are planning pregnancy.

It is always good to select an OB/GYN, a doctor who practices gynecology and obstetrics.Planning Pregnancy

For planning pregnancy, you need to follow a healthy and balanced diet. So, plan your diet by consulting a nutritionist, as it helps provide guidelines to maintain a proper diet during your pregnancy.

Your diet should contain all fruits and vegetables along with starch-based foods (such as potatoes, cereals, bread, rice, and pasta) and protein foods like meat, chicken, fish.

Also, include foods that are rich-in folic acid, iron, and calcium, as these are all essential nutrients for a developing baby starting from conception.

For this, you need to increase the folic acid content in the body even though you are strong and healthy because it is a B vitamin that helps avoid birth defects such as spina bifida.

As pregnancy needs a good supply of folic acid, you can increase these levels by taking grain products, leafy vegetables, beans, citrus fruits and orange juice.

You can also increase the folic acid by taking supplements before and during pregnancy. According to doctor’s recommendation, the intake of folic acid during pregnancy should be 1000 micrograms (1 mg) per day.

On the other hand, iron helps provide good oxygen supply to your baby. Iron can be found more in red meat, dry fruits, all leafy vegetables, cereals and pulses. Calcium helps support a good bone formation. It is mostly found in dairy products such as milk, cheese, and curd.

For planning pregnancy, you also need to follow regular eating behaviors. Never try to eat for two during pregnancy, because it makes you gain excess weight. This, in turn, increases the risks of developing troubles in the further stages of pregnancy.

On the other hand, try to lose your weight before pregnancy if you are obese or overweight, as it helps reduce the complications of pregnancy.

Also, try to avoid certain foods to maintain a healthy pregnancy, without any risks. Avoid alcohol consumption [Fetal Alcohol Syndrome] if you are planning pregnancy, as it leads to pregnancy  miscarriage, or severe damages to the developing baby.

Stop smoking when planning pregnancy, as the poisonous chemicals of tobacco can slow down the growth of your baby. It also increases your chances of having miscarriage, premature birth, or stillbirth.

Illicit drug usage can pose risks during pregnancy. So, stop using them when you are planning pregnancy. Limit your intake of caffeine while planning pregnancy, as it increases your chances of having miscarriage and underweight baby.

Also, avoid taking over-the-counter drugs when planning pregnancy, as they can harm your developing baby.

On the other hand, always protect yourself from hepatitis B, chickenpox, etc., by taking vaccination.


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