Know More About Fraternal Twins

You could have fraternal twins in case the egg gets fertilized by two separate sperms. In this case there will be two babies that are no more than siblings. These twins can be of the same sex and they also have the same blood type. In the majority of the cases they have separate placentas but they could also share their placenta.

Fraternal Twins

Information about twins that are fraternal

It is good to know that the twins of this kind will never have the same amniotic sac. If one of the twins is a girl and the other one is a boy and they have different blood types, it is certain that they are twins of this kind. You should also know that having twins may be hereditary.

It is possible for the dizygotic twins to have similarities, just like other siblings. It is possible that it will be difficult to tell them apart. However in the majority of the cases these twins are quite easy to tell apart. It becomes even easier if the kids are of different sexes.


You should know that the fraternal twins are the most common type of twins. While the identical twins appear randomly, these twins appear for a reason. Take into consideration the fact that hyperovulation is hereditary so it is common to have several twins in your family.

It is a misbelief that the twins that are dizygotic come down from the mother’s side. As it has been mentioned before, hyperovulation is hereditary, so it is possible that you inherit it from your father’s side. However if only your husband has twins in his family, your chances of having twins are minimal.

Age factor

When thinking about having fraternal twins you should know that age has a word to say in this matter. It is believed that women over 35 have higher chances of having twins than younger women. Another way to have twins is to have some kind of fertility treatment.

If you have to go under some kind of fertility treatment, for sure your doctor will warn you that it is possible for you to have twins of the fraternal type. This is because of the medications that make your ovaries release several eggs at once. If two or more of these are fertilized, you will end up with twins.

Fun things

In case you are thinking about fraternal twins you should know that there are five common variations. In the majority of the cases there is a boy and a girl. This happens in 40% of the cases. This is followed by having two girls or two boys.

You have small chances of having fraternal kind of twins and to have identical girls or identical boys. In fact, your chances are minimal to have identical boys. It is also interesting to know that African American women have higher chances of having twins than women of Asian descent.

There are a lot of interesting things to know about fraternal twins.


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