Signs of Conception First Week – Things to Know

You can often hear people say that women don’t know that they are pregnant right after conception.

However there are some signs of conception first week that can give you clues about the changes that are about to take place in your life.


This symptom is also known as morning sickness. Nonetheless it can appear at just any moment of the day. This is one of the first symptoms that you will experience. It is caused by the elevated progesterone and estrogen levels. Because of these hormones it will take more time for the stomach to empty.

Heightened sense of smell

Usually women don’t really recognize this one of the first week of conception symptoms. Although normally this wouldn’t be a big problem, some of the smells can make women nauseous and this could lead to vomiting. Find out which smells you don’t like and avoid them.

The breasts

This one of the signs of conception first week is easy to notice, but sometimes women think that it is normal and that they are about to have their periods. Swollen and tender breasts are caused by estrogen that increases the blood flow to the breasts, making them tingly and sore.

Signs of Conception First Week

Frequent urination

When thinking about the first week of conception signs you should expect to have more frequent trips to the bathroom. Because of the pregnancy hormones, the blood flow increases to the kidneys and the bladder. The bad part is that the problem becomes more serious during the night.


If you are thinking about the signs of conception first week it isn’t enough that your body has to work overtime to maintain the development of the baby, progesterone makes you even sleepier. The higher blood production and the lower blood pressure also take a lot of energy.

Food cravings

One of the most common first week after conception symptoms is to have food cravings. Some say that this is nature’s way to make sure that the new mothers have all the nutrients that they and the babies need. However, other specialists disagree, saying that it is caused by the pregnancy hormones.

As you can see some of the signs of conception first week are really subtle while others jump out and make sure that you know what’s happening to you so that you will take better care of yourself.


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