What Media to Watch During Pregnancy

There are many things that one does differently during pregnancy and one of them is watching media or videos, either on TV or on the computer. Your video watching habits should change during your pregnancy as whatever you watch in this period must educate and should have a positive impact on the baby in your womb. So put on those comfortable pajama pants, get cozy in your bed and get ready to watch the following given media:

media to watch during pregnancyOrgasmic Birth

This is a movie that is a must watch for every woman who is pregnant. This movie teaches about the immense power, strength and wisdom that each and every female has within her. This movie gives information about the hormones of pregnancy and child birth and other aspects like mind and body connection, physiology of hormones etc. It has an excellent birthing footage which might just prove useful!

Birth as we know it

This is another movie which explains the world of birth and is centered on pregnancy and child birth. The message of this movie is to tell that all women are strong and very intuitive being. It tells that birth is a natural process and females who deliver babies are real heroes.

The Business of Being Born

This is a documentary about child birth and is an eye opener for many. If you are pregnant, then you must surely give it a watch and make your spouse watch it too. It looks at the various birth practices of the past as well as the present and is something that will inspire you to ask questions and take informed decisions. It may be a little shocking for some, but informative nonetheless.

Birth Day

This is one movie that you should watch if you want to be reminded that birth can be a tender and calming experience and doesn’t have to be hard and painful. This movie takes you into the home of a female to show you the child birth of her third child. This is a 100% homebirth video and can be watched with your family.

Laboring Under an Illusion

This is a video in which you see birth from the point of view of mass media. It helps every pregnant woman become more confident about the birthing process and changes your perception about child birth. This is a must watch as it also has a child birth sequence which can be very informative.

Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices

This is a free source of free online informational birthing videos that illustrate real life females demonstrating 6 of the healthy birth practices. Every video that Lamaze consists of is less than 4 minutes long and offers a free and simple way to give birth with tips.

Make sure you watch all those videos that offer you some kind of knowledge and help you during the pregnancy period and during child birth. Avoid watching videos of violence, anger, action as they may impact the baby negatively. Also, watch videos with good values.

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