Predict The Gender Of Your Baby Using Chinese Pregnancy Calendar!

Chinese pregnancy calendar is a Chinese lunar-based pregnancy calendar that predicts the gender (sex) of the baby.

In other words, the calendar helps predict whether you’ll have a baby girl or a baby boy.

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is also known as Chinese conception chart and the Chinese conception calendar.

A Chinese Scientist supposedly discovered a pregnancy calendar, called the Chinese pregnancy calendar, about 700 years ago to expect the baby’s sex.

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is very easy to use. All that required to use the calendar is your age. So, search for the line that equates to your age on the calendar and proceed with the line until you get the month of your conception.

Determine the color of the point (square) where your age and conception meets. If the square is pink color, it indicates a baby girl whereas a blue color square predicts a baby boy.Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Remember that, according to the Chinese pregnancy calendar, your chances of having a baby boy is very less when you conceive at an age 21! Of course, the calendar is just a bit of fun! The accuracy of the Chinese pregnancy calendar is more than fifty percent.

Know How The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar Works In Predicting The Gender Of Your Baby

The serial numbers on the Chinese pregnancy calendar generally represent the age of the mother at the time of conception and is placed in the left side of the calendar.

The months (from January to December) on the calendar represent the month when the conception occurred and is placed in the top position of the calendar. On the other hand, the squares where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect represent the sex of your baby.

The boxes that are labeled “B” represent a baby boy, and “G” represents a baby girl. Remember that some calendars indicate the baby’s gender as “M” and “F.” In some cases, it is indicated by the color of the box.

Once you identify these on the Chinese pregnancy calendar, you can follow a step-by-step procedure when trying to predict the gender of your baby.

Step 1: Look for the age of the woman at the time of conception.

Step 2: Determine the month of the conception, and then replace the month into Chinese Lunar Month.

Step 3: Then, trace the gender of the baby through the month on the top portion of the calendar and the age on the left side of the chart.

Step 4: Now, look for the spot where these two lines meet and determine the gender of your baby (B or G) that is labeled on the box.

Here is an example that you can go through when trying to use Chinese pregnancy calendar.

If the age of the mother is 23 and the month of the conception is December then follow these two lines on the calendar and identify the sex of your baby. The Gender of the baby where these two lines meet is “G” and it is a baby girl!


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