Determine When To Take Pregnancy Test To Have Positive Result!

When to take pregnancy test is a common query that rises among women who are eager to become pregnant or worried about pregnancy.

The most perfect time to test for pregnancy is after your menstrual period is missed.

Understanding the process of ovulation, fertilization and implantation will help you determine when to take pregnancy test.

During your monthly menstrual cycle, one of your ovaries releases an egg for fertilization. The release of egg will be two weeks before the onset of next menses.When to take Pregnancy Test

The released egg when fertilizes with the sperm, it will implant into the uterus for further development. However, if the fertilization doesn’t occur, the occurrence of monthly menstrual period continues.

The fertilized egg then implants into the uterus walls for further development. This process is called implantation. It generally occurs about 6-12 days after conception.

On the other hand, the developing placenta produces the pregnancy hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) when implantation occurs, which occurs 5-7 days after fertilization/ovulation.

Now, you can estimate the right time when to take pregnancy test. It is 5-7 days after conception. The HCG can be found both in the urine as well as in the blood. So, taking a pregnancy blood test or urine test can confirm your pregnancy.

If you are uncertain about your pregnancy, whether pregnant or not, determine the first and early pregnancy signs and symptoms that help answer your question of when to take pregnancy test.

As you may feel pregnant shortly after conception through the development of pregnancy symptoms, it is good to listen to your body carefully and know when to take pregnancy tests.

Generally, the signs of pregnancy develop soon after fertilization. So, confirming pregnancy is possible by detecting these pregnancy signs.

The first symptom that develops in the early stages is missed menstrual period. As the period can miss due to stress, illness, or weight fluctuations, it is good to observe other pregnancy symptoms.

Tenderness and soreness of the breast is also a common early signs of being pregnant. You can observe the changes in your breast as early as few days after conception. However, the tenderness will disappear within few weeks.

Morning sickness is the most common early pregnancy symptom of being pregnant. This sign of pregnancy usually develops as early as two weeks after conception. As the name suggests, the symptom doesn’t occur in morning times rather it occurs at any time of the day and can vary. [Controlling Morning Sickness]

This symptom usually disappears within few weeks. However, for some it continues even in second and third trimesters

The other signs of pregnancy with which you can find when to take pregnancy test are fatigue, darkening of areolas, frequent urination, constipation, food cravings, and aversion to certain foods.

If you are pregnant, you may notice these signs by listening to your body carefully. Thus, you can assess when to take pregnancy test. Confirmation of pregnancy through early symptoms can sometimes mislead you.

So, the best alternative is to have a Home Pregnancy Test or perform the test by your doctor.


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