Are We Becoming Different Persons During Pregnancy?

From the beginning of the pregnancy our breasts start to modify and start increasing their volumes, are looking larger and don’t seem to fit anymore in our usual size bra.

Yes, the breasts get bigger.This happens because our body gets ready to bring a new being into the world and also goes through transformations we haven’t had since puberty.

If the placenta is responsible for nurturing the baby in our womb, our breasts prepare to offer them means of survival after they come into the world.pregnancy chnages

It is true that for most of us the pregnancy means abundance in feelings, an increase in libido, abrupt mood swings and most of all an almost complete body transformations.

Ever since the first weeks of the pregnancy our breasts feel different, they are larger and a bit uncomfortable to “wear”.

This happen because of the pregnancy hormones and it is only natural that has effect on our mood. Not all of us ladies go through this transformation during the same period but it sure comes in line during the first semester of pregnancy. The way we respond to these changes may affect our entire pregnancy period.

We tend to become nervous and agitated, we have strong impulses, violent sympathies and there are times when some of us even seem bipolar. I am joking of course but there are so many things happening to our bodies that we need to feel and understand what is happening to us.

dullThe ways we feel interact directly with our babies. The pregnancy depression caused by the number of kilograms we put on is a very damaging event, both for us and for our babies.

As hard as it may seem the wonder in our womb feels the stress, the anger, the nerves, senses when we are sad and interacts with all these feelings that are sometimes too much for their little beings.

The baby becomes restless and kicks violently, he or she tosses and turns inside the mommy’s belly and doesn’t let the mom sleep.

The hormones don’t allow us to feel better unless we want too. That is why it is very important for a future mom to know that along with the larger breasts, come swollen feet and hands, back pain, headaches, low blood pressure, the compulsive need to eat things we wouldn’t normally touch and most of all tears and joy with no particular reason.

We are becoming very different persons during the months we carry inside us a small miracle.

The second we conceive are not just women anymore …we are becoming Mothers.


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