Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy at 8 Weeks

Some argue that an ectopic pregnancy isn’t even a real pregnancy. The women interested Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy at 8 Weeksin the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks should know that an ectopic pregnancy means that the fertilized egg doesn’t get attached to the lining of the uterus, but to something else, usually the fallopian tubes.

8th week of pregnancy ectopic pregnancy symptoms

In the majority of the cases an ectopic pregnancy feels just like a real pregnancy. It is common for these women to experience the symptoms of a regular pregnancy. These include lack of menstruation, fatigue, tender breasts, increased urination and nausea.

Warning signs

Usually the first sign that there is something wrong is vaginal bleeding, that can be very light. This can also be accompanied by pelvic pain or abdominal pain. As the pregnancy progresses, some new symptoms can appear as well.


In case of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks, the pelvic or abdominal pain will just get worse especially when you move. At first the pain might appear only on one side but then it spreads to the entire pelvis. The vaginal bleeding during pregnancy can be heavy or severe too.

Burning sensation

When it comes to the signs of ectopic pregnancy during week 8 of pregnancy you should expect to experience pain during urination and during intercourse. Lightheadedness, dizziness and fainting are also possible and they are all a result of internal bleeding.

Shoulder pain

The women who experience the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks can show signs of shock and shoulder pain can also appear. This is caused by the bleeding into your abdomen right under the diaphragm. This will irritate the diaphragm and this irritation presents itself as shoulder pain.


It is good to know about the ectopic pregnancy signs when being 8 weeks pregnant that these often feel like the symptoms of miscarriage. If you notice signs of this kind you should let your doctor know immediately to make sure that you will be alright.

In case of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks it is very important to remember that the pregnancy cannot be saved. In situations of this kind the priority is the health of the mother. To make sure that she will be alright, the pregnancy tissue needs to be removed through surgery. Most probably this won’t threaten future pregnancies and it won’t lead to infertility.


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