BBT Chart – A Tool To Know Accurately About Your Ovulatory Period

Trying to conceive? Most of you have spent months or years in avoiding conception.

If you want to make your own family then start BBT charting to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant.

BBT is nothing but Basal Body Temperature and it is the temperature when your body is at rest.

Want to know how the BBT chart works?

Throughout your menstrual period, two hormones divide star billing. In your first half of the cycle, the star is estrogen. This hormone helps in the production of eggs from ovaries. This process takes place during ovulation.
BBT Chart

In the second half of the menstrual cycle, progesterone is the star. This hormone will rule until it falls in the anticipation of your menstrual period.

With the help of this information, it is easy to know the theory behind BBT chart. Usually, estrogen is called as a cool hormone and progesterone is called as warm hormone.

Your body temperature is slightly cooler before ovulation when compared to after ovulation as estrogen is the dominant factor during this period.

When progesterone is the dominant factor, your body temperature will increase. With this information, the rise in Basal Body Temperature indicates you that you are ovulating.

Benefits of BBT chart:

  • An estimated of 40 percent women experiencing infertility fall into the category of ovulatory dysfunction. The BBT chart will help you in providing important information about your ovulatory status.
  • BBT charting helps you and your partner to understand completely about the process of ovulation.
  • It helps to calculate your safe sex days.
  • Helps in detecting your pregnancy earlier.
  • Helps in identifying health and fertility issues like hormonal problems.

It is not essential that every woman needs to ovulate before 14 days of her next menstrual period. Actually for most of the women, it is very shorter duration between ovulation and their next periods.

How to create a BBT chart?

It is very simple to learn about creating Basal Body Temperature chart. First you need to make a habit of bringing BBT thermometer at your bed each night.

Every day in the early morning before you are going to do anything else, measure your body temperature. It will be more accurate, if you measure the temperature after 5 hours of sleep. In order to get accurate results, take the temperature at the same time in each morning.

The thermometer you want to use can be anything like rectal, vaginal or oral. Note the temperature and record it on the chart. Basically you are searching for the change in temperature of about 0.4 degrees in a 48 hours period. This will indicate you that you are ovulating.

Then look at the chart and observe that the ovulation period mainly occurs at the end of the 2nd week. At this time the temperature is 97.3 degree Fahrenheit.

The next day, the temperature will be raised to 0.5 degrees and in the following day 0.4 degrees. At this period your body releases the egg.

For the next 14 days, you will observe the elevated levels of temperature. If these temperature levels persist for 10 days or more, then only it supports for implanted pregnancy. The short luetal phase or any luetal phase defect does not support implantation.

In order to know about your accurate ovulatory days, BBT chart is an effective tool. It gives you accurate results, if you follow it thoroughly.


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