17 Weeks Pregnant

-Time to Feel Baby’s Movements Inside You!

You are 17 weeks pregnant and you can feel your baby’s movements inside you. If you are a first time mother, then there is a chance that you do not recognize the movements inside your body. For first time mothers, there is a tendency to ignore the initial movements.

Some of the overweight mothers are also unable to recognize their child’s movements during the early stages while some of the thinner mothers can feel these movements even earlier than this time.

Extra care

Besides the movements, you will also observe various changes during the 17th week of pregnancy. It is the time to be over-protective with your tummy and keep in mind that every trauma in that area can have an impact on the baby. Make sure you use a seat belt when you drive and place it in the most protective position possible.

Strange dreams

Weird dreams may appear when you are 17 weeks pregnant. You may dream you are cheated on or that you cheat on your partner or that you hold and play with small animals. Such dreams are perfectly natural and they are signs that your fears and insecurities are manifesting in the so-called pregnancy anxiety.

Week 17 pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

17 weeks pregnant picturesAt this time, your uterus starts to change its shape as your pregnancy progresses and looks like a large egg rather than a small ball. Gradually, the egg occupies most of your pelvis and abdomen.

During this process, the organs along with your intestines get pressed to the sides. By now, your uterus should be about 1.5 to 2 inches below the belly button.

Vaginal discharge

In week 17 of pregnancy, gradually, you are about to gain some more weight. During this week, you will notice more vaginal discharge.

The increased level of discharge from your vagina is referred to as leucorrhoea. Usually, this discharge is milky in color and odorless and is completely normal during pregnancy.

If you experience more vaginal discharge and you suspect it as amniotic fluid, then you need to contact your health care provider immediately. Sometimes this is a sign of pre-term labor.

Leg pain and posture issues

When you are 17 weeks pregnant, the pain in the legs may appear and also you can start feeling the pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain can be hard to bear sometimes and the only solution is to change the body position as often as possible especially during the day.

You can notice changes in posture because the breasts are becoming larger and also you may find that you can no longer wear the high heels you used to love

Symptoms of 17 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal Development in 17 Weeks Pregnant

Care you need to take when you are in 17th week of pregnancy

Yes to panty liners no to douching

In week 17 pregnancy, the best way to recognize excessive vaginal discharge is by wearing the panty liners to absorb the discharge. But, don’t use tampons as they are not safe during the pregnancy.

Also, avoid douching. Douching can cause air to enter into the vagina thus making your pregnancy more complicated. Also, douching increases the risk of vaginitis or vaginal infections.

Avoid stress at all costs

If you are working in a stressful environment, it is important that you need to take some precautionary measures to reduce your stress levels. Stress causes an overwhelming effect on your pregnancy. Sometimes, stress can lead to preterm labor.

Exposing to high stress levels during 17-20 weeks of pregnancy can result in the production of hormone called corticotrophin in higher levels.

Make sure you see the doctor on time

The periodic medical checkups will monitor your blood pressure and perform several other exams. However, the doctor will always ask you if you have any questions. Make sure you keep him or her informed and if something worries you, make sure you ask about it.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 17 weeks pregnant

In week 17 of pregnancy, your 17 week fetus is about the size of 5 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces. Your baby is the size of your palm now.

Your baby’s little limbs reach to their relative proportions and they continue their development after this week. Even though your baby’s ears are not structurally completed and fully functional, they can hear actively.

Various parts of the baby’s brain start to develop in order to progress the hearing and other senses. When you are 17 weeks pregnant, your baby’s bones are getting stronger by the day. Unique finger prints and toe prints begin to develop.

Your baby is very mobile now and will move almost all parts of its body, which is visible in 17 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

If your baby is a boy the prostate starts to develop when you are in 17 weeks pregnancy. Also the baby’s body starts to be surrounded by a protective layer called vernix.

First bowel movements

The baby’s first bowel movements called ‘meconium’ is stored in the colon. Your baby is able to digest the amniotic fluid and deposit the fat under the skin; this process continues for the upcoming weeks as well. This fat helps to regulate their body’s temperature after the birth.

Umbilical cord becomes baby’s toy

The umbilical cord becomes long and thick in response to the increased needs of your baby. During the first baby movement happening this week, the baby will “play” with the umbilical cord holding it and even bite it. Still you should not worry about this since the umbilical cord is protected by a membrane acting as a shield so the baby cannot hurt it.

Health tips for 17 weeks pregnancy

Avoiding stretch marks

90% of all pregnant women get stretch marks. For some women, they become silvery white after the pregnancy. To avoid them, don’t gain too much weight during the pregnancy.

Keep weight gaining steady so that you can avoid excessive stretching of the skin. Eat a well balanced diet and maintain a workout routine to avoid stretch marks.

Remembering the first movements

If you started to feel the baby’s movements in pregnancy week 17 and want to keep them in memory, write about the sensations you experience in your pregnancy journal.

Share your thoughts with your loved ones and enjoy the experience and do not forget that the positive attitude of the mother is most likely to influence positively the growth of the baby.

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