Identify The Body Changes During 32 Week Pregnant!

Are you 32 week pregnant? Only eight weeks to go for your pregnancy to end.

Your uterus will be approximately five inches above the navel.

The movements of your baby will peak this week and they change in quality and quantity.

Your baby is almost eighteen inches long from head to toe and weighs approximately four pounds at your 32 week pregnant.

The baby sleeps almost all the time (approximately 90-95% of the day). The five senses of your baby are functional now. Your baby is fully formed with fully developed brain and nervous system.

During this week, the baby’s skin will become thicker and it changes from red to more of a pinkish color. A layer of fat is forming underneath the wrinkly skin.

Most of the wrinkles have gone from your baby’s face and the hair on the head continues to grow. The toenails are fully formed by the end of this week.

At your 32 week pregnant, your baby can move the head to the side. The baby is practicing to open the eyes and also practicing breathing. As your baby is occupying most of the available space in the uterus, the movements will slowly start to decrease.

You start doing your fetal kick counts (one of the ways to count and record your baby’s movement) from now.

32 Week Pregnant

The baby curls up with knees bent, arms and legs crossed, and chin resting on the chest. You can see the face of your baby if you have a 3D ultrasound when you are 32 week pregnant. [Pregnancy Ultrasound]

When you are 32 weeks pregnant, you will experience symptoms such as breast tenderness, constipation, frequent urination, heartburn, hemorrhoids, etc.

You still continue to get leg cramps and backaches. There will be noticeable changes in your breasts with the nipples becoming darker and larger.

The most important thing is you may start to waddle, but there is nothing to worry as this is temporary only. Your body is producing a hormone called relaxin, which is responsible for loosening the pelvis and softening hip joints and you may have effects of this hormone in your legs that makes you to move differently.

Take rest as much as possible and relieve some of your discomforts by relaxation techniques, pregnancy massage, proper posture, stretching, pregnancy exercises, etc. Finding good position to sleep is difficult for you when you are 32 week pregnant.

You can sleep in whatever position you feel comfortable, as pregnant women should sleep in any position that is most comfortable.

If you are at high-risk pregnancy, discuss with your doctor about your concerns. Healthy and balanced diet will be helpful for healthy pregnancy. Remember not to take any over-the-counter medications without consulting your doctor.

To have more comfort during your pregnancy, drink plenty of water, wear support stockings, elevate your legs when you are sitting, lie on your left side, etc.

From your 32 week pregnant, start visiting your primary care provider once in every two weeks and follow the instructions, suggestions, and precautions as per your health care professional.


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