Signs of Labor in 36 Weeks Pregnant

You are heading closer to the estimated due date. This is your 36th week of pregnancy.

You are probably anxious to see your baby and to get away from the pregnancy discomforts. Doctors say that when the oxytocin hormone is released by brain, it stimulates the uterus contractions.

But they do not know about when it occurs and why it happens. As you cannot feel or see when the oxytocin is released from brain, you are able to find other signs of labor in 36 weeks pregnant. You might feel that the baby has dropped.

Here are some signs of labor at 36th week.


Many pregnant women start to nest before they go into the actual labor. The term nesting is used to describe your baby’s nest preparation.

Lightening or dropping

As your baby drops into the pelvis you may find that the position of your baby has dropped. Sometimes this feeling is clear and in some other times you will not notice this at all. This lightening can take place in the weeks before the labor starts. Notice your center of gravity, as the center of gravity alters at the time of lightening.

Pelvic pressure or cramping

Signs of Labor in 36 Weeks Pregnant

You may find menstrual like cramping or you may feel much pressure in the pelvic area.

  • Menstrual like cramps is a sign of labor. Leg and backache cramps might also occur. As your baby moves into the pelvic inlet, the baby will apply pressure on your nerves which results in your legs cramps.
  • You may find a raise in the pelvic pressure or a feeling like the baby is falling. This pressure rises as your pregnancy is coming closer to an end.

Cervical effacement and dilation

As your body gets ready to deliver the baby, your cervix starts to become thin and dilates. Your physician may start doing cervical examination at your pregnancy end. Cervical dilation and effacement are good signs that your labor might start.

Bloody show or mucus plug

Mucus plug seals the way to your cervix. You might lose this plug all at once or little at a time. Some pregnant women lose this plug in few weeks earlier the labor starts. If you find that your mucous plug is lost or if you find your mucus is tinged with the blood, this may indicate that your labor might begin soon.


Before your labor starts you may experience contractions that are 10 to 15 minutes apart. As your labor advances your contractions will be closer together and more regular. If you experience contractions 5 minutes apart, call your doctor.

Water breaking

If there is a breakage of your water you may experience a pop feeling followed by a water gush or you might experience a small trickle. Some women think that they have urinated. If you think that your water has broken, immediately contact you physician.


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