A Comprehensive Guide to Pregnancy Etiquette

From letting your boss know to asking people to stop touching and feeling your belly are some things you always remain unsure of and doubtful about. There are many things which form a part of pregnancy etiquette not just for the one who is pregnant but also for others who interact with the pregnant female.  There are many things that form part of this and for your help and reference; the following is a comprehensive guide to pregnancy etiquette.

comprehensive guide to pregnancy etiquetteTelling People

Its fine that you share the news about your pregnancy with your family whenever you think is right but when it comes to telling other people like your friends or your boss, a little bit of caution is needed.  Most people wait until the end of first trimester to break the news but you don’t have to keep it a secret if you don’t wish to. Until the risk of a miscarriage is over, it is not advisable to inform your boss or distant relatives and friends about it. Moreover, you cannot announce the news very openly but it should rather be done quietly, not making too much of a fuss about it.

Telling People to Stop Touching the Belly

Touching someone’s belly is way out of bounds and must not be done, especially if the person is not very close.  It is important to ask people not to touch your belly when you are pregnant but doing so can be tricky and always comes with a risk of being rude or impolite.  If you can bear it with a grin then it is great but if you can’t, then you can politely tell them that you are a little uncomfortable.

Giving a Pregnant Woman your Seat

It is common courtesy to offer your seat to someone who is pregnant in a bus, train or a waiting lounge. Men, women and children all must be courteous enough to vacate the seat if pregnant women is willing to take it on their behalf. By doing so, you will be following a very important rule of pregnancy etiquette.

Helping a Pregnant Woman on the Steps

If you see a pregnant woman climbing steps, you can always offer to help by giving a hand or lending shoulder support. This is a good gesture and shows that you are a responsible person full of etiquettes and manners.

Helping a Pregnant Woman with Heavy Load

It is common courtesy and a matter of etiquette to help a pregnant woman with heavy load that she may be carrying on her way back home from the market etc. you can always approach her politely and ask her if she needs any help. If she declines, then it is best not to ask again but if she seems willing, try to carry her stuff for as long as you can. You can also help her find a cab or other means of transport home as a good gesture.


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