Find The Risk Factors That Can Be Controlled By The Pregnant Lady!

Giving birth to a child is the most exciting time for a pregnant lady.

During this time, a proper prenatal care is most essential because there are certain risk factors that affect the development of the fetus.

The most common pregnancy risk factors that can be controlled by a pregnant lady are:

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can result in fetal alcohol syndrome, along with other symptoms such as reduced birth weight, mental retardation and physical as well as behavioral abnormalities.

So, better stop alcohol consumption immediately once you become pregnant.Pregnant Lady

Smoking during pregnancy not only affects the health of the pregnant lady, but also the unborn baby. The chemicals that are inhaled during smoking can decrease the supply of oxygen to the baby and can cause health problems such as low birth weight, stillbirth, and premature birth.

It also increases the possibility of developing morning sickness (Morning sickness reducing tips), miscarriage and bleeding (Bleeding during pregnancy). A pregnant lady also needs to stay away from used smoke.

It is always recommended for a pregnant lady to be careful while using un-prescribed drugs because the chemicals of the drugs can affect the growth of the unborn baby.

In take of caffeine is also a risk factor that harms you and your baby during pregnancy. Consuming caffeine during pregnancy affects the fetal heart rate.

It increases the possibility of developing stretch marks. Even, decaffeinated coffee is harmful for a pregnant lady because it contains harmful chemicals to remove caffeine.

It is always recommended to avoid caffeine consumption during pregnancy. Avoiding it suddenly can lead to headaches. So, reduce the consumption gradually at the very least.

Exposure to chemicals during pregnancy also affects the growth of the baby. It increases the chances of developing birth defects. The precaution that is to be taken to avoid the affects of chemical exposure is to consume vegetables or fruits only when it is washed thoroughly.

Having multiple sex partners for a pregnant lady increases the risk of developing sexual transmitted diseases, which can lead to health complications during pregnancy and birth.

Irregular checkups during pregnancy also lead to health complications during pregnancy. So, follow the schedule of doctor visits regularly, which is an important factor for a pregnant lady to maintain healthy pregnancy.

Good nutrition is also important for the development of the baby. Without proper nutrition, your baby can have several health problems.

For example, lack of folic acid can lead to birth defects such as spina bifida. So, increase the folic acid content in your body by eating natural sources such as leafy vegetables, orange juice and many more. You can also use folic acid supplements during pregnancy.

Exercising during pregnancy is good for a pregnant lady. However, over-exertion is very harmful. So, it is highly recommended to reduce the intensity of your exercise during pregnancy.

The other factors that can affect a pregnant lady during pregnancy are age, heart disease, asthma, and excessive depression. It is highly recommended for a pregnant lady to consult the physician if any of these conditions affects the pregnancy.


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