Getting a Flu Shot Before the Flu Season if You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time for some women. You may feel sick all the time, and you may be dealing with illnesses that can happen when you become pregnant.

Developing high blood pressure is something that could develop during this time, and normal blood sugar levels in your body can be elevated, due to the changes that you are going through.

These health problems are enough by themselves, without adding the flu into the mix.prenatal care

Before getting the flu shot, when you are pregnant, it is always a good idea to find out information about it. You will want to know if there can be any risks, to you and your baby.

Serious Consequences

For a woman who is pregnant, any case of the flu could become serious. Your immune system can be affected when you are pregnant. While you are pregnant your lungs and heart are naturally under a lot more stress and if you were to get the flu it could turn into something more serious such as pneumonia.

Since you have other health factors to consider when you are pregnant, getting the flu is something that you will not want to do. Having the flu when you are pregnant could possibly require you to be hospitalized.

Flu Shot is a Priority When Pregnant

Pregnant women are on the list of priority groups who need to get a flu vaccination. This is because of the complications that you could have if you are pregnant and get the flu. The flu shot should be safe for you to take when you are pregnant since the flu shot contains a killed virus.

If you are allergic to eggs or you have had an allergic reaction to the flu shot in the past you may not be able to take the flu shot while you are pregnant.

Pregnant women should not use the type of flu vaccine that comes in the form of a nasal spray. You should always consult with your physician before you take the flu shot, because every pregnancy is different.

Side Effects of the Flu Shot

Side effects for the flu shot when you are pregnant are nominal. The biggest complaint is soreness, and redness, around the area that your flu shot injection was given. This soreness and redness will only last for about two days.

Soreness around your injection spot usually comes from your body’s immune system creating antibodies for the killed viruses, which are in the vaccine, and also the stick of the needle.

Other side effects you may suffer from the flu shot in rare cases are muscle pain, fever, and weakness. The flu shot does not cause you to get the flu. This is only a myth.

You will find that the flu shot is your best defense, when you are pregnant, to avoid getting the flu. The flu vaccine will work on many types of flu strains, and it also works even if your immune system is weak.


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