Signs of Labor at 33 Weeks Pregnant

Every pregnant woman’s delivery and labor is unique. Some pregnant women will have distinct labor signs, while others will not have them. Some women will have fast deliveries, while some others might labor for hours and also even days before delivering the baby.

The signs of labor at 33 weeks pregnant are not same for everyone. Some might experience painful contractions, while some others may experience only little discomfort.

Labor signs at 33rd week are as follows:


As your baby drops into the pelvis you may find that the position of your baby has dropped. Sometimes this feeling is clear and in some other times you will not notice this at all.

This lightening can take place in the weeks before the labor starts. Notice your center of gravity, as the center of gravity alters at the time of lightening. This lightening is an indication that the labor might occur soon.

Bloody show

As you are nearer to the labor, you will release your mucus plug. This mucus plug may come in the form of a lump, or raised vaginal discharge over several days course. Mucus plug seals the way to your cervix.

Signs of Labor at 33 Weeks Pregnant

You might lose this plug all at once or little at a time. Some pregnant women lose this plug in the weeks earlier to the labor. If you find that your mucus plug is lost or if you find your mucus is tinged with the blood, this may indicate that your labor might begin soon.


Contractions are universal indication of labor. Contractions may be in the form of lightening sensation or cramping that begins in the lower back and it moves about the front. When you start experiencing the regular uterine contractions, it indicates that you are into labor. Contractions mainly tighten the womb muscles which pull up on the cervix and push the baby down.

First you might experience mild pain or discomfort around the abdomen that goes and comes. But as the time goes on, these contractions will become more intense, longer and stronger. Hence, you may experience lingering backache. Some women explain these contractions in the form of strong menstrual cramp.

Water breaking

When the membrane of amniotic fluid ruptures, it is known as water breaking. If there is a breakage of your water you may experience a pop feeling followed by a water gush or you might experience a small trickle. Some women think that they have urinated. If you think that your water has broken, immediately contact your physician.


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