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— Beginning of an exciting journey!

As a paradox, although the first month of pregnancy is one of the most important pregnancy months, when 1 month pregnant, the large majority of women skip the information related to it because they are not aware of the new life growing inside them until the fourth pregnancy week when they receive confirmation from a pregnancy test.

Still, there is a large majority of women eager to know what happens during this time and here is some valuable information to clear the matter for them.

What to Expect in First Month of Pregnancy?

During first month pregnancy you will notice important changes that will happen to your body and mind influencing the way you feel, both physically and spiritually. The most important thing about this month is that the very first steps in embryo development take place during this time, which are crucial for the baby’s safety.

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The 1st month of pregnancy may come with a lot of issues from simple ones like the first pregnancy symptoms noticed by the mother to be, to serious complications that may end dramatically in a miscarriage.

1st Month of Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Period Delay

The delay in the period schedule is the most important pregnancy symptom. If you have a regular period, you “missed” it by more than 5 days, and you are aware of the fact that you had unprotected intercourse during your fertile window, you may consider it a pregnancy symptom.

It is also possible that you will experience a mild spotting that many women consider as menstruation, characteristic to the embryo’s implantation in the uterus wall, which happens exactly around the time you are expecting your period.

2. Morning Sickness

The most famous and advertised pregnancy symptom present all over the movies and soap operas when a pregnancy is in order, the morning sickness is not exclusively experienced in the morning. The nausea may appear any time during the day or even the night.

Also only 50% of the women experience it severely enough to be noticed during the first month pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom is caused by a specific area of the central nervous system where the command area for nausea and vomiting is situated. This area is stimulated by the hCG pregnancy hormone causing the infamous morning sickness.

A related symptom is the relaxation of the digestive tract which causes digestion to slow down.

3. Breasts Tenderness

The breasts may become tense but they also become extra sensitive or even painful to touch while the veins on the skin surface become more visible. The nipples become darker in color and the little glands around them look bigger.

4. Fatigue

There is no surprise you don’t have the energy anymore to perform the same activities you used to handle easily before the first month. Also falling asleep in the middle of a favorite show early in the evening is perfectly normal. Your body is spending huge amounts of energy to sustain both, the development of the embryo and the changes going on inside your body, not to mention that the levels of progesterone which are raised while 1 month pregnant are acting as a sleeping pill.

5. Excessive Salivation

Having more saliva is very common in 1st month. However, this pregnancy sign is more obvious for those women who are dealing with a more severe morning sickness.

6. Frequent Urinating

The bladder becomes extremely irritated during the first month of pregnancy, due to the congestion of the pelvic area caused by high levels of progesterone and hCG.

At the same time, the kidneys are more efficient during pregnancy because they are processing an increasing number of fluids and residue resulted from the metabolism of the two bodies – maternal and fetal.

7. Cravings and Sensitivity to Odors

The classic scene from movies and books when recently pregnant women raid the pickle jars on a sudden urge to combine the pickles with ice cream is just a proof of how popular this 1 month pregnancy symptom really is. There is no surprise to see that this particular symptom is associated with strange repulsion for certain odors or sudden distaste for otherwise preferred food.

8. Mood Swings

Behavioral changes and inexplicable transitions from joyous dispositions to hysterical crying and depression are very common when 1 month pregnant. You can be extremely affectionate one second and very snappy the next, especially around people you are normally fond of.

These 1 month pregnant symptoms are aggravated by the eating habits, the lack of sleep and the stress. The anxiety is very common symptom all one month pregnant women experience during this time.

1 Month Pregnant and Baby Evolution

The evolution of the baby during 1 month pregnancy is called the beginning of the embryo stage. The age of the embryo and by it the age of the pregnancy, is calculated by adding 2 weeks to the presumed ovulation date based on the date of the last menstruation. Using this principle, a “ pregnancy month” has normally four weeks and a half.

One Month Pregnant picturesIn the first week (one week before you would normally have your period), the egg is dividing, reaching the number of cells needed to make it ready for the implantation in the uterus wall.

A part of the cells will form the placenta and a part of them will become the embryo.

During the third week of the pregnancy the embryo develops the third layer of cells and at the same time the head starts to form.

By the end of the month the embryo is well positioned in the uterine lining and by this time the blood circulation between it and the mother’s body also starts.

Mother’s Responsibilities in 1 Month Pregnancy

Most of the future mothers may not be aware they are 1 month pregnant. Still if you are experiencing the symptoms described above, the pregnancy test came out positive or you simply suspect that you might be pregnant, there a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Avoid stressing situations and excessively tiresome activities
  • Make sure you keep your diet as “ clean” as possible and avoid consuming alcohol
  • Stay away from unhealthy environments, noisy surroundings, cigarette smoke, chemical exposure or extremely polluted areas
  •  Do not self-medicate yourself in case you catch a cold and most importantly do not use any type of antibiotics
  • Make sure you don’t lift heavy weights and choose a milder workout routine during this time
  • Choose a doctor that will monitor your pregnancy and get in contact with him or her the minute you suspect you are one month pregnant or you received the pregnancy confirmation.

Want to know what happens next month? Here’s what to expect when you are 2 months pregnant. If you want to know about Pregnancy week by week  and read Important articles on pregnancy please visit our Home page.

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